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Secretary mailbox
If you have comments and suggestions on meteorological work and construction and development of meteorological undertakings, please click the "Director's Mailbox" to leave a message.
Disciplinary report
If you want to report and accuse the party constitution and other intra-party regulations, violation of national laws, regulations, policies and decisions, use your power to seek private gain and other behaviors that corrupt the party style, please click "Report Channel" to submit.
Data query acquisition
If you want to inquire about all kinds of basic meteorological data and products on the ground, high altitude, satellite detection, weather radar, numerical forecast, etc., please log in to "China Meteorological Data Network" or call "010-68407499" for consultation.
Policies and regulations
If you want to inquire about meteorological laws and regulations, departmental regulations, regulatory documents, meteorological standards, and policy interpretations, please click the "Policies and Regulations" section of this website.
common problem
We have sorted out some common questions from netizens and responded. If you need to check it, please click the "Response Concern" section of this website.
Other messages
Please click here for other messages.
leave a feedback
In November 2019, the situation of handling the mailbox and public message of the director is here .
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Meteorological knowledge
Business Consulting
Policy advice
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Evaluation Message

Job suggestions
Critical opinion
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