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Secretary mailbox

Welcome to visit the mailbox section of the director of the China Meteorological Administration website! If you have any comments or suggestions on our work, you can submit them directly through this section. Sincerely thank you for your support and care for the work of the Meteorological Bureau!

In order to improve efficiency and clarify responsibilities, please be sure to leave your real name, email and contact number when submitting information, so that the relevant departments can understand the specific situation from you and properly handle the problems you have reflected; the real name, email address and contact are not signed We can't process and feedback the information on the phone, please forgive me.

If you want to report and accuse the party constitution and other intra-party regulations, violation of national laws, regulations, policies and decisions, use your power to seek private gain and other behaviors that corrupt the party style, please click "Report Channel" to submit.

If you want to inquire about all kinds of basic meteorological data and products, please log in to "China Meteorological Data Network" or call "010-68407499" for consultation.

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