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Autumn tigers "return to the mountain", whether the high temperature warning for 16 days will break the record

发布时间:2019年08月30日09:29 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: 09:29, August 30, 2019
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On August 26, the Central Meteorological Observatory lifted the yellow high temperature warning for 16 consecutive days.

Although the country's overall high temperature range has decreased and its intensity weakened, there are still areas in the south that are still in "deep waters." Today ’s chat column, let ’s review, how fierce is this “autumn tiger” going down the mountain?

Expert: Bao Yuanyuan, Senior Engineer, Central Meteorological Observatory

Reporter: Shen Minxia, reporter of China Meteorological News

8The longest yellow high temperature warning in August

Since August this year, the high temperature in the south has continued to dominate the screen. Among them, Jiangxi, Hubei, Hunan, and Chongqing have been continuously controlled by subtropical highs, becoming high-temperature "base camps".

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a high-temperature yellow warning on August 11. Until the evening of August 26, the high-temperature yellow warning was lifted. It lasted for 16 consecutive days, the longest consecutive high-temperature days in August in 6 years.

The average maximum temperature rose in August

Taking Nanchang, Jiangxi, Wuhan, Hubei, Changsha, Hunan, and Chongqing as examples, the reporter calculated the average of the highest temperature from August 11 to 26 in the past six years and found that the overall trend continued to increase.

The highest temperature has not exceeded the historical record extreme

Since the construction of the station, from August 11 to August 26, the maximum temperature in Chongqing reached 42.1 ℃, which appeared on August 15, 2006; Changsha 40.6 ℃, which appeared on August 13, 1953; Wuhan 39.5 ℃, Appeared on August 11, 2013; Nanchang 39.7 ℃, appeared on August 11, 1966.

During the same period of this year, the highest temperature in Chongqing was 40.1 ℃ and appeared on August 26; Changsha was 37.9 ℃ and appeared on August 20; Wuhan was 38.7 ℃ and appeared on August 18; Nanchang was 37.5 ℃ and appeared on 8 On the 14th. The highest temperatures in the four places did not exceed the historical record extremes.

There will be no large-scale high-temperature weather in the next week

On August 28, high temperatures still occurred in Zhejiang, Fujian, Jiangxi, southern Hunan, Guangdong and other places not affected by rain.

However, starting from August 29th, as the cold air moved south and the typhoon "Willow" of the 12th this year, "Autumn Tiger" has been "forced" by cold air and rain, and classified into the mountains and forests. Comfortable.

In big cities, Hangzhou and Nanchang were only around 30 ° C on the 29th, bid farewell to the heat, and in the next few days, under the combined effects of frequent rain washouts and cold air southward, the maximum temperature in Hangzhou would fall to 27 ° C in one breath; Shanghai, The temperature in Chongqing is reduced by 6 ℃, and the maximum temperature is 31 ℃; Wuhan, Nanchang, and Changsha are cooled by about 5 ℃.

(Responsible editor: Su Yujun)

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