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Statistics | Beijing Chuxue is finally here! When it feels like, it looks like ...

发布时间:2019年11月29日17:53 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Time: 17:53, November 29, 2019
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China Meteorological News reporter Cui Guohui

For the people of Beijing, when they wait for Chuxue every year, they are afraid that it will not come, and that they will come in disorder. The heartbeat when waiting for the first snow is like this Beijing winter early snow date distribution map!

The average early snow day in Beijing since 1961 is November 29, and the first snow in Beijing this winter is the most "on time". The snow came late in the early winter of 1983/84, and the earliest snow came in early 1987/88.

This year's Chuxue in Beijing is very "good" and came very punctually! In time for Beijing's multi-year average early snow day (November 29), it is the only one since 1961!

The first snow with the highest "heartbeat index"

The first snowfall in Beijing this winter can be described as "a lot of calls have begun", major media platforms have been "preheated" for several days! It just happened that the average early snow day came, and it was one of the first snows with the highest "heartbeat index".

Early winter snow in Beijing usually appears in November and December.

In addition, if the early snow comes too early or too late, the public "heartbeat index" will inevitably be too high. For example, the earliest occurrence date of the first snow is October 31 (the winter of 1987/88), which is nearly one month earlier than the average first snow date; the latest appearance date is February 11 (the winter of 1983/84), which is earlier than the average first snow date. More than two months late.

In the past 10 years, the "heartbeat index" of the public waiting for the first snow has not been low. The winter snow dates of 2010/11, 2013/14, and 2018/19 are February 10, February 7, and February 6, respectively. For the second, third and fourth nights of the early snow date since 1961!

Beijing Chuxue has strict "qualification review"

Chuxue touched everyone's heart, of course, there must be monitoring standards!

Mapping by China Meteorological News Agency

Such regulations strictly regulate the terms of business services related to winter snowfall, and also minimize the suspicion and misunderstanding of the "early snow day" by the media and the public.

Don't underestimate this millimeter-level precipitation

Speaking of the magnitude of the initial snowfall in Beijing this time, most areas are 1mm to 3mm, and the western and northern mountainous areas can reach 5mm.

what? It takes so much effort to snow in millimeters! ?

But don't look down on this small 1mm, 1mm rain may not feel much on the ground, and sometimes the ground does not appear slippery, but the snowfall is about 1cm, which is enough to make the roof look white!

Snowfall level. Mapping by China Meteorological News Agency

It can be seen that the 24-hour precipitation in a certain place is classified as light snow with 0.1 to 2.4 millimeters, and 1 millimeter snow falls in the medium level of light snow.

Assuming that the ground temperature is low, and all the snow has accumulated on the ground, how much snow can be accumulated in 1 mm of snow?

Under normal circumstances, the water content of snowfall in the north is often smaller than that in the south. A 1mm precipitation is equivalent to 8-10 mm of snow in the north and 6-8 mm of snow in the south. Snow in the north is looser than in the south.

Comparison of the difference between the north and south of the 1mm snowfall and snow volume. Mapping by China Meteorological News Agency

So, 1mm of snow is enough to show off to your friends!

(Responsible editor: Su Yujun)

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