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Hebei: Do our best to respond to low temperature rain and snow January 03
China Central Meteorological Observatory and China Southern Airlines dispatch center compete for China Southern Airlines Innovation Challenge January 03
Shanxi: Strengthening Departmental Cooperation to Improve Meteorological Disaster Defense Ability January 03
Guizhou: Further improve linkage between emergency management and meteorological services January 03
Chongqing: Cooperating with Huawei to Build a New Pattern of Smart Weather January 02
Hubei: Provincial Government Issues Documents to Promote Modernization of Meteorology January 02
Jiangxi: Large-scale rain increase operation has been effective in mitigating drought December 31
Heilongjiang: Comprehensively do a good job of regional strong snowfall weather services December 31
Guangxi: Deploying and Promoting National Unity and Progress December 30
Hubei: "Six Actions" Promote the Quality and Efficiency of Professional Meteorological Services December 30
Guizhou: Artificial Hail Protection "Sky Eye" December 30
Hebei: Multiple measures to carry out environmental meteorological services in Xiong'an New Area December 30
Guangdong: Provincial and Municipal Cooperation Promote Heyuan and Improve the Level of Meteorological Modernization December 27
Xiamen: Urban Waterlogging Risk Early Warning Monitoring System Appraised as "Innovative Application Project" of Public Safety Management Platform December 27
Guangxi: Carry out artificial rainfall enhancement operations to alleviate drought conditions and improve farmland moisture conditions December 27
Liaoning: Carry out high-score academic exchanges and develop data industry application ideas December 27
China Meteorological Administration's Akdala atmospheric background field scientific experimental base is listed to serve the construction of the Silk Road Economic Belt, etc. December 27
China Meteorological Administration Wuliangsuhai Wetland Ecological Meteorological Field Scientific Test Base Established December 27
Liaoning: Improved tipping rain sensor technology obtains utility model patent to improve observation accuracy December 27
Hebei: Promote the application of environmental weather intelligent assessment system December 27