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Tianjin: Localization application of FY-4A vertical detector inversion system

发布时间:2019年11月20日11:33 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Release time: November 20, 2019 11:33
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Correspondent Wang Wei of China Meteorological News reported recently that Tianjin Meteorological Bureau has implemented the localization application of the FY-4A vertical detector inversion system by carrying out the "Research on Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea Fog Monitoring and Early Warning Technology Based on Multisource Information Fusion" High-altitude atmospheric observation capabilities.

The FY-4A vertical sounder is the first instrument in the world to achieve vertical detection of the near-infrared atmosphere of a stationary satellite. It can detect the atmosphere at high frequency and high accuracy, and is a milestone in the vertical detection of the marine atmosphere of a stationary satellite. The FY-4A vertical sounder inversion system uses the relevant data from the 375 mid-infrared detection channels and 538 thermal infrared detection channels of the FY-4A vertical sounder to invert the 101-story high temperature in the Bohai Rim for 1 hour and 16 km. Wet profile products provide scientific and technological support for the high-altitude atmospheric exploration of the Bohai Rim and the application of numerical models.

(Responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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