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Annual Meeting of Key Laboratory of Typhoon Numerical Forecasting to Promote Forecasting Technology

发布时间:2019年12月24日09:28 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Release time: December 24, 2019 09:28
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China Meteorological News correspondent Zhu Xuesong reported that from December 17th to 18th, the 4th meeting of the 3rd Academic Advisory Committee of the Shanghai Typhoon Research Institute of the China Meteorological Administration and the annual meeting of the Key Laboratory of Typhoon Numerical Forecasting were held. Experts and scholars from Nanjing University, National University of Defense Technology, Nanjing University, Nanjing Information Engineering University, Fudan University and other units attended the meeting.

The typhoon institute reported to the participating expert committee members the optimization plan of the key laboratory for typhoon numerical forecasting. Participating experts gave forward-looking and targeted guidance on typhoon's goal positioning, scientific research direction, talent training, and cooperation. First, it was necessary to face the frontiers of international science, increase innovation, and strengthen original work. Focus on discovering new phenomena and developing new theories; second, unite relevant units, strengthen the development of typhoon models, strengthen the research and applications of model physical processes, data assimilation, and artificial intelligence; third, increase openness, cooperation, and coordinated development To create a win-win situation.

During the period, experts from the National Meteorological Center, Nanjing University, Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, Fudan University, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Central Meteorological Observatory and experts from the Shanghai Typhoon Research Institute focused on typhoon observation, assimilation and model development, as well as mechanisms and model applications. Seminar. The research includes both the research on the key technologies of numerical forecasting and the exploration of scientific hotspots related to typhoon research, which will help the key laboratory for typhoon numerical forecasting to form integration within the institute and further form a good atmosphere of open cooperation.

(Responsible editor: Yan Xin)

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