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Sichuan Meteorological Bureau signs strategic cooperation agreement with China Mobile

发布时间:2019年12月26日09:43 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Time: December 26, 2019 09:43
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Correspondent Zhou Wen from China Meteorological News Recently, Sichuan Meteorological Bureau and China Mobile Communications Group Sichuan Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement and jointly established a "5G + Smart Meteorological Application Research Center". In the future, the two sides will deepen cooperation in the areas of meteorological information release, data transmission, and the Internet of Meteorological Things, focus on new technologies and explore "5G + smart meteorological applications" to enhance the level of informationization and intelligence.

The two sides will make full use of advanced technologies and practical foundations in 5G research and application, actively formulate 5G communication technology solutions for mobile meteorology, and cooperate in areas such as meteorological drone applications and emergency linkage to build "smart weather" demonstration projects.

According to the cooperation agreement, the two sides will comprehensively increase the transmission rate of the optical cable network, optimize the network structure, and improve the communication level of meteorological information applications based on the provincial meteorological ground dedicated line transmission network; deepen the analysis of information needs, strengthen the application of new technologies, and build effective support for interconnection Interoperable and comprehensive information service platform; jointly strengthen the sharing and joint development and utilization of information resources with transportation, earthquake, agriculture and other industries, and promote the deep integration of meteorological information into various industries.

In addition, comprehensive cooperation in the areas of disaster warning information release, meteorological integrated electronic channel release, mobile client business promotion, and meteorological cloud information and communication technology integration development will also be advanced simultaneously.

(Responsible editor: Zhang Lin)

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