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National Meteorological Department Completes New Radiosonde Upgrade January 02
Annual Meeting of Key Laboratory of Typhoon Numerical Forecasting to Promote Forecasting Technology December 24
Overcoming Key Technologies in FY-3E Satellite Data Processing and Applied Research December 16
The Northeast Cold Vortex Research Open Key Laboratory was formally established December 12
15 provinces advance research and development of numerical prediction models for the Great Northern Region November 25
Sharpen a Sword in Ten Years——The Chief Designer of "Snow Dragon 2" Talks about the Icebreaker Made in China November 20
Accelerate the use of modern meteorological equipment to increase the level of intelligent observation November 14
Building an "Eye of Wisdom" for Waterlogging Defense
Tianjin builds waterlogging early warning and emergency response platform
November 06
Dense "nets" to catch cunning "fishes"
——Three kilometers resolution Grapes regional mode commercial application record
October 29
Implementation plan of railway weather strategic cooperation agreement is issued October 21
Tianjin: Contribute "Meteorological Wisdom" to the Construction of Tianjin Sponge City October 15
China's polar science basic research identifies 6 priority areas October 11
Shanghai: Urban Fine Management Meteorological Prophet System Unveiled at CIIF September 23
Construction of National Meteorological Observation Quality Management System Remarkable Results September 18
Tianyan system: build a "holographic" live observation product platform September 12
The weather forecast and early warning service system of the military games passed the review September 03
Progress has been made in key special tasks for high-tech grain production efficiency and technological innovation August 30
Urban Heat Island Satellite Remote Sensing Monitoring and Evaluation Service Launched Comprehensive Application System of Satellite Remote Sensing Set up the First National Unified Service Landing August 21
Breakthrough in meteorological research in Winter Olympics achieves breakthrough results August 14
The "prescription" radar prescribes the "prescription"
——The detection center completed the technological upgrade of 6 types of radar prototypes
August 08