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For the first time, humans have discovered a fast radio storm with a stable period February 18
AI shows sea level rise could reshape urban layout February 05
Fengyun Meteorological Satellite International Service Plan released to contribute Chinese meteorological wisdom to the world January 15
Belt and Road Special Three-dimensional Lightning Monitoring Project Launched in Southeast Asia January 10
"Lyme Project" enters space test phase December 24
China Meteorological Administration pays close attention to high temperature fire in Australia and continues to launch global monitoring products December 24
Global efforts to strengthen and expand early warning systems December 17
IBM launches high-resolution atmospheric forecast system December 12
NASA releases first results of "Parker" solar probe December 05
New study uses machine learning to predict wildfire scale November 29
China launches development of high-precision integrated greenhouse gas detection satellite November 20
China assumes rotating chairmanship of the Earth Observation Organization 2020 November 13
NASA uses deep learning to monitor solar weather November 08
Cloud Data Sharing of US National Center for Atmospheric Climate Models October 31
World's major space weather center will release global space weather advisory October 25
NASA launches ionospheric connection detection satellite ICON October 14
Application of Lidar to Improve Storm Disaster Response Ability October 11
NASA identifies three space weather research programs September 19
World Meteorological Center (Beijing) Network Adds Global Wave Numerical Forecast Products September 12
NASA collaborates with Philippine multi-agency on climate research September 05