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Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture: Departments cooperate to deal with snow and cooling January 03
Spirit Stone: Meteorological Natural Resources Enhance Information Sharing and Improve Early Warning Ability January 03
Yi County: Helping the Village Celebrate "Double Festival" with the Masses January 03
Jieyang: Collaborative construction and promotion of meteorological science popularization into the old cadre university January 03
Huaiji: Understanding service needs January 03
Pingyu: Carry out winter business exercises to improve service levels January 03
Gaobeidian: donate meteorological science books to the Rose Garden Community Joint Party Committee January 03
Chibi: The instrument puts on "new clothes" January 03
Puning: Accurate Meteorological Service Guarantees Plum Blossom Tourism Cultural Festival January 03
Nanning: Meteorological, housing and construction cooperation launches propaganda campaign against carbon monoxide poisoning January 03
Huaibei: Grasping talents and training to build a team of high-quality meteorological informants January 03
Hulunbeier: City leaders inspect and guide the "14 Winter" weather service January 03
Chencang District, Baoji: Intelligent Meteorological Services Boost Agricultural Park Development January 03
Zhongwei: Meteorological agriculture promotes the development of characteristic agricultural industrialization January 03
Xiao County: Precision Services Helps Villages Provide Data for Agricultural Disaster Claims January 03
Qianyang: Relying on the "Sannong" special project to promote the production of apples with short anvils January 03
Baoji: Tourism + Poverty Alleviation + Meteorological Mode for Win-Win January 03
Xiajin: Fine weather services help winter road maintenance January 03
Xi'an Baqiao: included in the first batch of pilot pilots of national comprehensive disaster reduction demonstration counties January 03
Yi County: Meteorological Emergency Jointly Launches Safety Inspection of Dangerous Chemical Enterprises January 03