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Yushu Prefecture: Carrying out snow survey on land area to strengthen forecast and early warning services

发布时间:2019年12月31日08:56 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Release time: December 31, 2019 08:56
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Correspondent He Yongqing of China Meteorological News reported that since the winter, there has been a lot of precipitation in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Qinghai Province. Yushu Prefecture Meteorological Department proactively provided decision-making and public meteorological service products, produced satellite remote sensing snow distribution maps on time, actively sent people to carry out snow surveys on the area, proactively reported snow conditions to leaders of the state party committee and state government, and further strengthened weather monitoring and severe weather Meteorological services such as early warning and impact assessment. According to the forecast, the weather in Yushu was fine in the later period, which is good for disaster prevention and animal protection.

(Responsible editor: Yan Xin)


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