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Xi Jinping: Keeping the Heart and the Mission, Finding the Differences, Grasping the Implementation, and Ensuring the Thematic Education to Obtain Solid Results June 01
The Central Education Leading Group of "Not Forgetting Your Original Mind and Keeping Your Mission in Mind" Issues a Notice and Calls for the Thematic Education Summary Work December 24
Hu Chunhua emphasizes speeding up China's construction as a meteorological power December 09
[Feature] Study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions January 02
China Meteorological Administration Meteorological Satellite Engineering Management Office was established January 03
Fengyun satellite receiving and processing system landing in Mozambique January 4
Liu Yaming Meets with Vice Governor Li Peixing of Gansu Province January 02
China Meteorological Administration's Party Group Issues Work Plan to Create Model Organs December 31
When Yu Xinwen heard the relevant units implement the important instructions of the leaders of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, he emphasized that they should pay close attention to the implementation and accelerate the construction of a strong country in meteorology. January 03
The special implementation plan for meteorological services for rural revitalization was issued and a modern meteorological service system will be basically established by 2022 January 02
Meteorological service guarantee plan for the Alpine Ski World Cup is launched to serve the first test match of the Beijing Winter Olympics January 03
China Meteorological Administration deploys spring weather service January 02
National Meteorological Department Completes New Radiosonde Upgrade January 02
Central Meteorological Observatory releases blue warning on January 4 at 18:00 January 4
China Meteorological Administration Press Conference in January 2020 January 03
North China Huanghuai Fenwei Plain Haze Northeast China North China Huanghuai Strong rain and snow January 4
National Climate Center and China Environmental Monitoring Station Hold Joint Consultation
Overall deviation of meteorological conditions for atmospheric pollution diffusion in northern China in January 2020
January 03
The results of the top ten domestic and international weather and climate events announced in 2019 January 03
Meteorological experts interpret the first round of large-scale rain and snow weather this year January 03
China Meteorological Administration of Agricultural and Rural Ministry Association to discuss the recent and spring and summer agricultural gas conditions January 03