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China Meteorological Administration Party Group and the Discipline Inspection and Supervision Group in the Ministry of the People's Republic of China jointly issued the relevant provisions of the leading cadres to intervene in the intervention of major matters related to the record report

发布时间:2019年09月25日08:14 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: September 25, 2019 08:14
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China Meteorological News reporter Liu Ruoxin reported that in order to further regulate the use of power by leading cadres, eliminate the interference of leading cadres in handling major matters, and ensure that cadres and staff perform their duties in accordance with the law, recently, the China Meteorological Administration Party Group and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs The group jointly issued the “Regulations on Records of Leading Cadres of China Meteorological Administration Interfering in Intervention of Major Events (Trial)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), requiring Party members and cadres not to intervene in intervening in major events in violation of relevant regulations, and personnel of major events in meteorological departments at all levels When leading cadres violate regulations and intervene in intervening in the handling of major matters, they shall truthfully record and report.

The "significant matters" mentioned in the "Provisions" refer to important matters such as the selection and employment of meteorological departments, public financial funding arrangements, project (including infrastructure, scientific research, and business projects) project review and bidding, discipline enforcement, administrative approval, and judicial activities. matter. Violation of relevant regulations to intervene in major matters includes: major matters that should be decided by the subordinates on their own initiative, directly making decisions on their behalf or violating the relevant regulations and requiring subordinates to make decisions in accordance with their intentions; for others, or to indulge, condone relatives and their surrounding Where staff members intercede, greet, and ventilate reports for others; matchmaking for others, arrange for others to contact and meet privately with major event undertakers; inquire for others of major issues that have not been disclosed in the handling of matters or other content that should be kept secret; Personal purposes and intentions, using their powers to deliberately set up obstacles, and directly or indirectly delay the handling of major matters; and other acts that affect the handling of major matters in accordance with laws and regulations.

The "Regulations" require that, for the above six types of situations, the personnel responsible for major events at all levels of meteorological departments should keep a complete and truthful record, so that the whole process can be traced and documented. The undertaker of a major event shall immediately report it to the disciplinary inspection agency of the unit, and if necessary, may communicate with the disciplinary inspection agency before filling in the report. If the unit does not have a disciplinary inspection agency, it may report to a higher-level disciplinary inspection agency.

The "Provisions" specify that the personnel of the major meteorological departments at all levels do not record or report truthfully to the matters that should be reported, and will be seriously held accountable once they are discovered during the supervision and discipline process; the personnel of the major events shall report truthfully to the leading officials. Intervening in the intervention of major matters, protected by law and organizations, seriously punishing those who are responsible for retaliation against record reporters; all participating departments must keep the relevant information of record reporters strictly confidential, and deal with leaks seriously; The discipline inspection agencies of meteorological departments at all levels summarize the clues received by leading cadres in intervening in major matters on a quarterly basis. The principals of the broker inspection agencies will submit reports to the higher-level disciplinary inspection agencies after they have been approved. The matters are explained and serve as an important basis for assessing the integrity and self-discipline of leading cadres.

The "Regulations" emphasize that the major event agencies and contractors of meteorological departments at all levels should pay attention to the distinction between work requirements, work recommendations, business guidance, open government affairs, legal consultation, and violations of relevant regulations to intervene in intervening in major issues, and to pass due process. If legal consultation and appeal can be achieved through legal channels and channels, they should be informed of due process and channels.

(Source: "China Meteorological News" September 25, 2019 First edition responsible editor: Zhang Lin)

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