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Accelerate the use of modern meteorological equipment to increase the level of intelligent observation

发布时间:2019年11月14日09:14 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Time: November 14, 2019 09:14
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Reporter Wang Liang of China Meteorological News recently reported that China Meteorological Administration issued the "Leading Plan for the Development of Meteorological Observation Technology (2020-2035)" (referred to as "Leading Plan") to implement the Party Central Committee and the State Council on strengthening the construction of the national innovation system and accelerating wisdom. The requirements of meteorological construction make full use of high-tech such as modern materials, electronic information and next-generation artificial intelligence to guide related enterprises, universities and research institutes to jointly develop meteorological observation technology and equipment, and promote meteorological observation technology to automation, information and intelligence Develop and improve the level of meteorological modernization with intelligent observation as an important symbol.

The "Leading Plan" clearly implements an innovation-driven development strategy, builds a meteorological observation technology and equipment development system with enterprises as the mainstay, and promotes the synergy of production, learning, research, and development, accelerates the in-depth integration of modern information technology and meteorological observation, and breaks the core of meteorological observation. And key technical problems, focusing on improving the level of intelligence, collaboration and socialization of observation services. It is necessary to focus on the key technologies of the development of observation business and the "stuck neck" link, strengthen technological breakthroughs, apply advanced technologies such as information, materials, artificial intelligence, etc. to the field of observation technology and equipment, and effectively improve core competitiveness and sustainable development capabilities. It is necessary to strengthen the dominant position of corporate innovation, focus on stimulating corporate innovation, strengthen strategic research and planning guidance, improve relevant policy support, and create a favorable environment for the integration of advanced technology into the development of observation technology and equipment.

The "Leading Plan" put forward the idea of "installing one generation, developing one generation, and exploring one generation", and combined with the development needs of meteorological industries, promoted the development, installation, and application of meteorological observation technology and equipment in stages and categories. By 2025, we will focus on solving the application difficulties of common key technologies in the field of meteorological observation, developing core large-scale high-precision meteorological equipment necessary for meteorological undertakings, and initially achieving the intelligentization and synergy of meteorological observation technology and equipment, and the overall level and strength of meteorological equipment in China It has been comprehensively improved; by 2035, advanced applied technology will be deeply applied in the field of meteorological observation, and the level of multi-dimensional stereo observation technology, intelligent collaborative observation technology, and multi-source observation data fusion application technology for specific targets will be greatly improved, providing different application needs System-level solutions for meteorological observations. The overall technology and application of meteorological observations have reached world advanced levels.

This is the first time that China Meteorological Administration has issued a leading plan on the development of observation technology. Focusing on 53 key tasks in five aspects, including the development of new meteorological observation technology and equipment, the development of collaborative observation technology, the promotion of high-tech applications in the field of meteorological observation, the development of meteorological observation equipment support technology, and the development of comprehensive meteorological observation application technology, the "Leading Plan" emphasizes It will promote the construction of industrial technology innovation strategic alliances, form an industrial technology innovation chain, and drive the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into meteorological detection equipment; strengthen the construction of technological innovation service platforms, realize the complementary advantages of technological enterprises, promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structures, and development and transformation; strengthen domestic and foreign technologies Exchange and cooperation, actively integrate global meteorological science and technology innovation, and promote the “going global” of advanced meteorological observation technology, equipment and standards in China; use, promote and research to promote the pilot application of research and development achievements, establish and improve the successful application mechanism of global meteorological observation innovation technologies, and accelerate the progress The development of smart meteorology has improved the level of meteorological modernization.

(Responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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