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15 provinces advance research and development of numerical prediction models for the Great Northern Region

发布时间:2019年11月25日18:33 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Time: November 25, 2019 18:33
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Reporter Feng Ziyan of China Meteorological News reported that on November 22, the 2019 Great Northern Area Numerical Model System Collaborative Innovation Alliance Work Exchange Meeting and the North China Regional Meteorological Directors Joint Meeting were held in Beijing. Yu Xinwen, a member of the party group and deputy director of the China Meteorological Administration, attended the meeting and asked the 15 provincial meteorological departments of the alliance to further intensify their strengths, make up for shortcomings, and vigorously promote the development of the Great North Ruitu model; the North China regional meteorological department should be problem-oriented Research on the key reforms of the business technology system, carry out the “14th Five-Year Plan” plan with a goal orientation, and promote the coordinated development of regional meteorological undertakings.

The meeting heard the Beijing Meteorological Administration's report on the work and technical progress of the Great Northern Alliance in 2019 and the research progress of the Ruitu model. The Meteorological Bureaus of the five northern provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) discussed and exchanged business technology system reforms and the "14th Five-Year Plan". .

Yu Xinwen emphasized that the Great Northern Alliance should strengthen coordination and form a joint force to consider R & D tasks from the five dimensions of meteorological modernization, simultaneous meteorological gains and avoidance, intelligent meteorological technology routes, "three global" future layouts, and research-based businesses. , Strengthen the application of new technologies such as big data, cloud computing, strengthen institutional guarantees, and solidly promote research and development. The North China Regional Meteorological Department should fully understand the importance of reform, adhere to the problem orientation, strengthen the national and provincial two-level big data foundation, optimize and expand the city and county two-level meteorological services, and improve the overall efficiency of meteorological business management operations. It is necessary to conscientiously plan the development of the "14th Five-Year Plan" around the main line of serving the economic and social development, integrate meteorology into local development strategies, further promote the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei meteorology, expedite the development of major development ideas and projects, and promote cooperation with provinces and ministries. Higher-level meteorological modernization.

(Responsible editor: Liu Shuqiao)

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