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China-Korea Joint Sandstorm Observation Technology Training Course Held in Beijing

发布时间:2019年12月16日15:17 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Release time: December 16, 2019 15:17
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China Meteorological News reporter Jian Jufang correspondent Fang Dongqing reported that from December 3 to 5, the 2019 China Meteorological Administration-Korea Meteorological Agency joint sandstorm observation technology training class was held in Beijing. This is the first time that the two countries have held a training course in China since the joint monitoring of dust storms in 2005.

Hosted by this training meteorological detection center, there are 15 topics, including the introduction of China-Korea joint sand and dust storm monitoring sites, observation technology, sand and dust storm monitoring and forecasting, data analysis and quality control algorithms, online monitoring technology training and practice, etc. A total of 21 business and management personnel from the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shanxi, Liaoning, Jilin, Shandong Meteorological Bureau and the Korean Meteorological Agency participated in the training.

The training further enhanced the theoretical level and operational capabilities of business technicians of China and South Korea, strengthened the cooperation and exchange between the two parties in the field of atmospheric composition observation, and also provided important technical support for the smooth development of sand and dust storm monitoring projects on both sides.

It is reported that according to the summary of the discussion on the establishment of a China-South Korea sand and dust storm joint monitoring network project signed by the two sides in 2003, the two sides jointly constructed 10 sand and dust storm joint monitoring stations in China, covering the main areas of sand dust generation and transmission in China; China and South Korea more accurately monitor and forecast the occurrence and development of dust storms.

(Responsible editor: Wang Jingtao)

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