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Beginning with a heart like a pan, never losing its true colors-remembering "the national advanced individual retired cadre" Cai Xinyi

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China Meteorological News reporter Wang Ruojia correspondent Sun Bin Jinna

The National Recognition Conference for Advanced Collectives and Individuals of Retired Cadres was held in Beijing on December 16, and 150 collectives of retired cadres and 450 individuals of retired cadres were commended. Cai Xinyi, a retired party member of Wuxi Meteorological Bureau of Jiangsu Province, was awarded the honorary title of "National Advanced Individual for Retired Cadres".

"Mo Dao Sang Yu is late, it is sky full of Xia Shang". Cai Xinyi, former party secretary and director of the Meteorological Bureau of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, who has retired for 14 years, is still a busy man, a popular science lecturer, and a secretary of the retired party branch. His photographic works have won multiple awards, and his works have been integrated into Wu Wenhua's teaching materials. one.

Science popularizes bridge between meteorology and the public for media

In summer in Wuxi, the daytime temperature often reaches above 35 ° C, and there are few pedestrians on the road. In his 70s, Cai Xinyi often took a bus and ran around various lecture sites ... The community, school, and library left him. He went there by himself without compensation. This way of meteorological science has been around for more than ten years.

"In the beginning, I just wanted to popularize science with people who have misunderstandings about meteorology, but slowly I found that there is a large demand for meteorological science, and the one-to-one effect is limited." Cai Xinyi said.

Cai Xinyi ’s road to science popularization began in the community. After speaking “famous”, the science popularization instructor group of Wuxi Old Science Association issued an invitation to him. With the platform, there are more opportunities, but the meteorological science lecturer is only one of him, and the pressure has increased sharply. As he gets older, his body also appears uncomfortable from time to time, and the idea of "group battle" in meteorological science begins to germinate.

Decades of meteorological work has made Cai Xinyi well aware of the role and experience of meteorological departments in science popularization. Taking advantage of the role of "passing the band", Cai Xin's lecturer's science popularization needs were provided to the Wuxi Meteorological Bureau and the young key party members of the "Meteorological" Volunteer Service Team of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, spreading the knowledge of meteorological science more widely. .

In order to improve the lecture effect, Cai Xinyi taught computer technology by himself. He never typed to be able to make PPT courseware proficiently, and then he was well acquainted with pictures and texts. Since 2010, Cai Xinyi, as the head of the popular science lecturer group of the Wuxi Old Science Association, has actively organized the lecturer group members to innovate popularization forms of science popularization, make full use of mobile Internet and other channels, and popularize scientific knowledge in accordance with public interest.

In recent years, Cai Xinyi has successively compiled and produced 6 undergraduate textbooks such as "Exploring the Secrets of the Atmosphere" and "Meteorological Disaster Prevention". The atlas "Colorful Clouds" won the third prize of the eighth National Excellent Meteorological Popular Works of China Meteorological Society. He has also been commended many times, and was named "Excellent Old Technology Worker" by Wuxi Old Science Association.

Loyalty as the link between the organization and the old party members

"Few people have this enthusiasm and are willing to participate in the construction and management of the community. Secretary Cai is the leader of our community's retired party branch!" Hua Yudong, the former deputy secretary of the general party branch of Taihu Garden Phase II, said with emotion.

Cai Xinyi, a 35-year-old party member, still plays the role of an old party member to promote party building in the community after retiring, and weaves the bond between the party organization, the old party members, and the community.

He actively organized retired party members to integrate into the community, provided suggestions for community governance, property management, and civilization creation, and did a lot of practical work in community culture construction, next-generation education, and pairing assistance.

He paired up with activists from the Communist Party of the Communist Party to help each other learn and help them establish a correct outlook on life and values. Two of these youths have joined the Communist Party of China.

In response to the needy residents in the community, Cai Xinyi set up a party member's love fund, took the lead in donating, and sent home warmth. In the past few years, he has helped five community residents and sent about 60,000 love funds. He is also very concerned about the physical condition of retired party members and often visits sick comrades.

Even the old party members can still feel the care of the party organization after retirement! An old party member who came to Wuxi from Henan with his children was impressed by the warmth of the community's party organization and said that he would also try his best to give play to his "second hometown".

In 2015, Cai Xinyi served as the secretary of the Taihu Garden Phase II community non-retired party branch. Facing more than 50 retired party members and foreign mobile party members in the community, he actively explored a new model of party building work with “one party affiliation and multi-party management”, which was affirmed by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee's Veteran Cadre Bureau. A special presentation was made on it. The retired party branch in his community was also rated as a "model party branch" by the Wuxi Municipal Party Committee's veteran cadre bureau.

In October 2018, Wuxi Meteorological Bureau set up a general party branch, and Cai Xinyi was retired party branch secretary. The successful experience of community party building was brought into the meteorological department.

Keeping up with innovation and letting civilization pass through

The flowing water meanders, and the Bodu River, the "Wu Di Mother River" with a history of more than 3,000 years, is a place where Lao Cai often walks. As a photography enthusiast, he spent three years measuring both sides of the 25-km Bodu River with his feet, taking more than 1,000 photos, and compiling it into "Yuyou Bodu River".

This album shows Wu culture's characteristics of being “as good as water, compatible and inclusive”. When it was launched, it aroused heated discussions in the Wu culture research circle. Some schools are planning to use this as the main line to compile local textbooks.

"The original intention of the shooting was to hope that people understand the spirit of Taibo and Wu culture." Cai Xinyi said.

Do not limit hobbies to hobbies, record a new era with a camera, write a new era with video, sing a new era with works, keep up with innovation, and keep pace with the times-this is Cai Xinyi's experience. In his lens, the image is not only a way to entertain himself, but also to shoulder the burden of cultural communication, inherit and carry forward the spirit of meteorology. His works related to meteorology, helping the elderly, features, folklore and other subjects. Many of his works have been selected into the National Photographers' Exhibition of the China Photographers Association and the Cultural Heritage Photography Exhibition of Jiangsu Province. He has won more than 30 national and provincial photography awards. Each.

"Whether it is party building, science popularization, or personal hobbies, Secretary Cai has been very diligent and has cultivated for many years, insisting on public welfare without asking for returns." This is the impression of Cai Xinyi, a cadre employee and community resident of Wuxi Meteorological Bureau.

"Most beautiful and old veteran party member", "vanguard party member", "Wuxi City cares about the next generation of advanced individuals", "excellent five old people", "good deeds and charitable actions" good people ... Since retirement, Cai Xinyi has won many honors, but in his opinion , I am just an ordinary old man, doing very ordinary things.

At first, Cai Xinyi passed away for more than 70 years and experienced the development and changes of New China ’s meteorological career. In the 14 years since he left his post, he has never been away from his mission as a party member and meteorologist for a moment. The country's loyalty and affection, the interpretation of spiritual civilization through action.

(Source: "China Meteorological News" December 20, 2019 First edition responsible editor: Zhang Lin)

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