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Meteorological department research business pilot work progress exchange meeting held

发布时间:2019年12月25日17:19 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Time: 17:19, December 25, 2019
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China Meteorological News reporter Jia Jingyu Gu Xingyue reported that from December 23rd to 24th, the meteorological department's research business pilot work progress exchange meeting was held in Beijing. The meeting summarized and exchanged the results and experiences of the research-based business pilot work, conducted in-depth discussions on the development concept, direction, goals and key links of the research-based business, and deployed to advance the next work. Liu Yaming, party secretary and director of China Meteorological Administration, and Yu Rucong, deputy director, attended the meeting and gave speeches.

The meeting pointed out that accelerating the construction of scientific research business coordination and interaction, business organization co-ordination, and institutional mechanisms to ensure a strong research-based business is an inevitable requirement to implement the spirit of the important instruction of General Secretary Jinping internship, and also to drive the meteorological business into intensive, intelligent, and precise There is an urgent need to develop a new era; we must fully understand the significance and urgent requirements of building a research-based business in the new era, further strengthen our responsibility mission and consciousness of action, and accelerate the construction of research-based business.

Focusing on the key links to promote research-based business construction, the meeting made specific deployment. First, we must make overall plans scientifically, strengthen the top-level design, insist that scientific research is the foundation, transformation is the key, and application is the guide. Research-based business construction is considered as a systematic work, and it is planned and promoted in the overall situation of the construction of a modern meteorological power. Second, we need to deepen reform and innovation, identify problem-oriented constraints to bottlenecks, activate development momentum by deepening business technology system reform, break through institutional and institutional obstacles in bold innovation, build development advantages in scientific and technological innovation, and effectively promote business capabilities with scientific and technological progress. Promotion. Third, we must optimize the environment for talent development, give full play to the advantages of talents and resources, and build a team of talents adapted to the development of research-oriented businesses by building innovative teams and introducing high-level talents to fully release the energy of innovation. Fourth, we must deepen cooperation, establish a regular two-way communication mechanism for scientific research and business personnel, encourage cross-field and cross-industry training of business personnel, strengthen joint training of talents, joint research and development of technology, and joint construction and sharing of results, and create a new ecosystem of open and cooperative research-based business.

The meeting emphasized that research-based business is complex and highly comprehensive. It is necessary to strengthen organizational guarantees during the implementation, strengthen the "integration" consciousness and "one game of chess" thinking, strengthen the intensive coordination of projects, businesses, funds, and talents, so as to promote supervision. There are inspections and assessments to ensure that the key tasks of research-based businesses are implemented.

Research-based business construction is one of the six major reform and development tasks of the party group of the China Meteorological Administration in 2019. Since the beginning of this year, 15 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and 7 directly affiliated units have been the first batch of pilot construction units. They have tried out first, adapted to local conditions, and made bold explorations, focusing on promoting live operations, intelligent grid forecasting, comprehensive assessment, automatic observation, and The construction of smart services and the construction of research-based businesses have started well. In 2020, the China Meteorological Administration will organize the provincial (autonomous regions, municipalities) meteorological bureaus to comprehensively promote the construction of research-type businesses. After 3 years of efforts, they will basically build a research-type business with a deep integration of business and scientific research, reasonable layout, optimized positions, process integration, and intensive systems. .

(Responsible editor: Yan Xin)

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