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Bringing Missions to the Road to Prosperity——Side notes on the development of peasant cooperatives in Aigtiereke Village, Jiashi County

发布时间:2019年12月30日08:15 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 30, 2019 08:15
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China Meteorological News reporter Li Dongmei

In the middle of the winter season, the village of Aigtereke, Jiangbazi Township, Jiashi County, Kashgar District, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, is a fiery scene.

The key words of this year's inventory of the village are "busy"-in Xinyuan Wood Processing Farmers' Professional Cooperatives, electric drills are constantly heard, dozens of agricultural workers are busy cutting wood on lathes, or bending over to pack sofas Others are divided into groups to move the finished product to the car, ready to enter the transportation and sales link.

There is "joy"-"As soon as the cooperative was established, my husband and I joined, and the family's annual income reached 72,000 yuan. My family got out of poverty at the end of last year!" Said 27-year-old Aziguri Maimat, Children eat barbecue once a month, and now they eat every week, and their body and learning are getting better and better. "And this is just the beginning of the family dream. After learning the craft, the couple will plan to open a business alone after the year.

There is "hope"-Maimatiri Tavaculi is the leader of Xinyuan Wood Processing Cooperative. According to him, the cooperative combines forest tree planting, production and sales of construction timber, and apprenticeship training services, and has recruited a total of 20 rural poor families for employment. "In addition to supplying our hometown, our furniture is also sold to surrounding townships and Yuepuhu County." Maimaiti hired 4 woodworking technicians from Sichuan and said with confidence: "After the New Year, the cooperative will introduce Explosive furniture in Chengdu! "

"Thanks to the working team in the village! They are good people and capable people. They follow them, and they have income and sweetness." The "they" in the mouth of the villagers are the village working team led by Liu Zhijun, the first secretary of the village.

At the beginning of 2018, the country's poverty alleviation campaign entered a key point in siege and siege. Liu Zhijun, then deputy director of the Planning and Finance Division of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau, came to Kashgar, a state of continuous poverty, and began a journey of poverty alleviation and entrepreneurship.

The village of Egertiek where he is stationed is a deeply impoverished village. In 2014, a total of 684 poor people in 171 households were set up, and the incidence of poverty was 36.22%.

How to increase the village collective economic income? Liu Zhijun gathered the village team, the "two committees" of the village, and the talented people in the village to discuss development plans. After thinking about it, everyone thinks there is only one way: to hold a group and take the road of cooperatives.

Since March of that year, five cooperatives including Xinyuan Wood Processing, Yongsheng Planting and Breeding, and Xintai Farmer Services have been established. The task force mainly raised funds around Liu Zhijun, and the cooperative legal entities also actively invested in shares, raising a total of more than 3 million yuan. The risks and benefits were shared by all members.

The establishment of a society is only the first step. Choosing projects, investigating markets, building factories ... at every pass, Liu Zhijun leads the team to participate in the whole process.

Seeing that the cooperatives are operating one by one, Liu Zhijun, who has always been at the forefront, has become a "handsman". "Production and operation are carried out in full accordance with the management of the enterprise. The task force only checks and does not interfere in the operation and gives the cooperative the greatest trust." Liu Zhijun said.

Establish production technology workshops, sales departments, financial offices and other institutions, establish internal management mechanisms such as financial management, member conferences, quality and safety, coupled with party groups from time to time to organize and publicize the Party's guidelines and policies, carry out technical training, strict and standard cooperatives Its management and production methods have gradually taken its place in the market, social and economic benefits have begun to appear, and the living standards of farmers who have joined the society have also improved significantly. For example, the family of the poor households Turkhon Turjal had an average annual income of about 2,000 yuan per capita. After joining the cooperative, their income more than doubled to more than 5,400 yuan.

On September 10 this year, after various layers of assessments, such as anti-poverty applications, democratic evaluation, and verification and approval, Egertiek Village completed the exit of the poor households who set up files.

On October 7, the Jiashi County Poverty Alleviation and Development Leading Group came to the field to check and accept, and all 420 people in 104 households in the village achieved poverty alleviation.

At the end of the year, the management teams of the five cooperatives handed over a beautiful "transcript" to Liu Zhijun and the members: "Last year, the cooperative officially operated with a net income of more than 500,000 yuan; this year, excluding equipment investment, the net income was more than 600,000 yuan. RMB 2.304 million was paid to poor households. Now all villagers have been lifted out of poverty. In the future, they will take everyone to a well-off society! "

The Aig Tiereke village is just a microcosm of Xinjiang meteorological cadres stationing villages to help precision poverty alleviation. In 2019, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau actively helped the grassroots to get rid of poverty, invested 1.37 million yuan in assistance funds for the four “visit to Huiju” villages in Kashi Jiashi County, and 320,000 yuan in the deeply impoverished villages where the first secretary of poverty alleviation was located. Unit employees donated 30,000 yuan, and pro-cadres invested about 250,000 yuan in assistance funds. In particular, vigorous efforts have been made to promote the precise poverty alleviation model of “cooperatives + poor households”, and obvious results have been achieved. Five of the 8 deeply impoverished villages have withdrawn this year, and the remaining will take off the hat of “deeply impoverished villages” in 2020.

(Source: "China Meteorological News" December 30, 2019 Second edition Editor-in-chief: Zhang Lin)

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