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China Meteorological Administration Party Group's second round of patrol feedback completed in 2019

发布时间:2019年12月30日12:56 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 30, 2019 12:56
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China Meteorological News reporter Wang Liang and Li Yipeng reported that recently, the second round of the China Meteorological Administration's party tour in 2019. The three inspection teams respectively trained the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Shandong Province, and the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Meteorological Bureau Party Team, China Meteorological Administration Public Meteorological Service Center, and meteorological cadres. The party committee of the college and the party groups of the Meteorological Bureau of Jinan and Qingdao gave feedback on the inspection. Shen Xiaonong, a member of the Party Leading Group of the Bureau, and Deputy Leader of the Leading Group of the Party Leading Inspection Team, and members of the Party Leading Group, Deputy Director Jiao Meiyan, Yu Xinwen, and Yu Yong respectively attended the inspection feedback meeting and put forward requirements for the inspection and rectification work.

This round of inspections is the fifth inspection organized by the party group of the China Meteorological Administration since the 19th CPC National Congress. Each inspection team resolutely implements the new requirements of the central government on inspections, adheres to the positioning of political inspections, takes "two maintenances" as the fundamental task, closely follows the duties and missions of the inspected units, focuses on the focus of supervision, and conducts in-depth supervision and inspection.

The inspection team believes that since the last round of inspections, the party organizations under inspection have improved their understanding of the strict management of the party, increased their awareness of the responsibility of governing the party, and have shown a good development trend. However, the inspection also found some problems and deficiencies. The main reasons were: the study and implementation of Xi Jinping's new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party were not thorough enough; the implementation of higher-level decision-making and deployment was insufficient; the role of party leadership was not sufficient; The strict implementation of the Party's "two responsibilities" is not yet in place, and the "four-funded and one-funded" supervision still has weak links; violations of the eight regulations of the central government still occur from time to time, formalism and bureaucracy exist to varying degrees, and some units and leaders The cadre's work style is not solid enough; the responsibility for implementing party building work is not in place, and the integration of party building and business work is not enough; the problems found during inspections, audits, and thematic education review issues are not completely rectified. Before the feedback meeting, the heads of the inspection teams gave feedback on the inspections to the principals of the inspected party organizations.

The party group of the relevant leading representative bureau that attended the feedback meeting put forward requirements for the inspection and rectification, and pointed out that the inspected party group (party committee) should accurately grasp the new spirit, new deployment and new requirements of the party's central government on inspections, effectively improve the political standing, and continuously strengthen and do a good job. The ideological, political, and action consciousness of inspections and rectifications must be fully recognized; issues must be fully grasped; rectification and reform must be carefully implemented; and the strategic role of inspections must be strengthened. Organizational safeguards must be strengthened and long-term mechanisms established to ensure that inspections and rectifications are effective. The leading group of the party group (party committee) has overall responsibility for the rectification and reform, and must play an exemplary role. The secretary of the party group (party committee) bears the primary responsibility for rectification, must assume the responsibility of the person responsible for the rectification, and directly deploy, directly participate in, and directly supervise the inspection and rectification. Members of the team should perform "one position and two responsibilities", and do a good job of rectifying and reforming issues in the field of management. Party organizations at all levels must grasp the rectification work from a political height of strengthening the "four consciousnesses", firming the "four self-confidences" and achieving "two maintenances"; it is necessary to patrol and rectify and thoroughly implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party The decision-making and deployment of the Central and State Councils are combined with the educational reform of the theme of “Do n’t forget the original heart and remember the mission”, combined with the strengthening of daily supervision, and the deepening of the meteorological reform to coordinate the work of inspection and rectification; We must abstain from formalism and bureaucracy, prevent the "pass" mentality, and at the same time do a good job of publicizing the rectification situation.

The person in charge of the party group (party committee) of the inspected unit stated that he firmly accepts the feedback from the party group inspection team of the China Meteorological Administration, seriously implements the relevant requirements of the party group of the China Meteorological Administration on inspection and rectification, and takes a high sense of political responsibility and sense of mission to earnestly take care of it. Political responsibility for inspection and rectification. Adhere to the problem orientation, take effective measures, establish a long-term mechanism, and use inspections to change opportunities to promote the high-quality development of the meteorological industry.

Relevant members of the Bureau's Party Leadership Team participated in the feedback work.

   (Responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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