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The annual meeting of the National Meteorological Instrument and Observation Method Standards Committee calls for the improvement of political stations and the advancement of the standardization system

发布时间:2019年12月31日07:48 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 31, 2019 07:48
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China Meteorological News reporter Zhang Minglu and correspondent Chen Xi reported that on December 25, the National Meteorological Instrument and Observation Method Standardization Technical Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Standardization Committee) held an annual meeting in Beijing to study in depth the construction of the meteorological standardization system, promote the progress of standardization and revision work, and further advance Cooperation with ISO Standardization Organization. Yu Xinwen, a member of the party group and deputy director of the China Meteorological Administration, and chairman of the bidding committee attended the meeting.

Yu Xinwen fully affirmed the work of the Bid Committee in completing the tasks of standard formulation and revision, standardizing the daily management of the Bid Committee, promoting standardization research, and conducting international exchanges and cooperation. He emphasized that we must improve political standing, and in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council for meteorological work and standardization work, comprehensively benchmark the demand for high-quality development of meteorological undertakings and continue to promote meteorological standardization; we must increase reform and innovation and benchmark international standards. At the forefront, we will promote the construction of a business work system with quality management as the core; we must strengthen organizational construction, improve the professional competence, core competitiveness, and organizational cohesion of the bidding committee, effectively give play to the academic advantages of experts and scholars, and scientifically promote the construction of a standardized system.

It is reported that in 2019, the Standardization Committee issued 7 new standards, completed 41 pre-reviews and standard demonstrations, conducted 22 standard consultations, established 42 meteorological industry standards, and two national standard foreign language projects.

(Source: "China Meteorological News" December 31, 2019 First edition responsible editor: Zhang Lin)

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