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"I'm not alone in the spotlight"
——Remember Yang Ling, an excellent Communist of Hunan Meteorological Bureau

发布时间:2019年12月31日08:01 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 31, 2019 08:01
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Luo Ting, correspondent of China Meteorological News

There is such a woman at the Meteorological Bureau of Yiyang City, Hunan Province, who has been pregnant for more than seven months, and still climbs up and down, stays in front of the computer for several hours, works with concentration and selfless dedication. She is Yang Ling, director of the Municipal Meteorological Observatory and director of the Ziyang District Meteorological Bureau, and was named an outstanding Communist of the Hunan Meteorological Bureau. "Follow and track every weather process, give play to the pioneering role of party members, and strive to be accurate, timely, and precise." This is the code of action written on the post of Communist Party members. She fulfilled her duties in accordance with this criterion.

As the "leader" of the department, she knows the mission well and understands the importance of running the "first stick" well. Therefore, she kept working on this "string" at all times, putting various meteorological data into her mind, and keeping the weather situation in mind. Even at home, she still had “weather” in her heart. Every night at eleven or twelve in the evening, she would always pay attention to the weather conditions in the next few hours before going to bed. After waking up at four or five in the morning, she would habitually pick up her mobile phone to check the weather conditions. The cloud group that made an impact immediately reminded the forecaster on duty to pay attention. When it comes to heavy rain and snow, she always gets up early. Sometimes the road was slippery and driving was not safe. She would walk to the weather station, but in any case, she should arrive early and never be late.

More often, she will be busy all night in the duty room, and then immediately participate in the weather meeting at 8 am the next day. After finishing the forecast conclusion at 9 am, she will be instructed to take a rest before taking a rest. Sometimes she was ill, and she couldn't care about it. Often she listened to the doctor's orders in her left ear, and heard thunder and lightning like a drum and rain like a horn, and took medicine to throw herself into a new "fight."

At the end of June 2017, there was a continuous heavy rain in Yiyang, and at this time, Yang Ling's mother-in-law needed to be hospitalized for surgery. On the one hand, I want to take good care of my mother-in-law and be a virtuous daughter-in-law; on the other hand, I can't worry about the "weather" and want to rush to the front line. To others, this may be a dilemma, but Yang Ling chose to take both ends into consideration. She used her lunch break to visit her mother-in-law with her lunch box. After taking care of her mother-in-law, she rushed to the meteorological station to make accurate forecasts and warnings based on the changes on the cloud map. The heavy workload made her exhausted, but in her opinion, everything she did was worth it.

In 2018, because of excessive anxiety and being busy with the relocation of the Meteorological Early Warning Center, she lost the child still in her belly, lying on the operating table, and tears fell silently. In April of this year, when Yang Ling found herself pregnant again, she was pleasantly surprised and uneasy. After examination, the fetal indicators were not very good. She originally thought that she would quit her job and raise her baby at this time, but she did not do so. Deep down, the weather has already become another "child". As she persists in her work, she uses her off-hours to inject her tires. During pregnancy, she drove to various reporting sites to participate in the meeting. On the training ground of the Provincial Bureau of Forecast Competition, she used the fragmented time to carefully guide the team members to practice in a targeted manner, and finally achieved the target management perfect score.

During the critical period of this year's flood control, during the pregnancy, she insisted on going to the post to make a forecast. Since late July, Yiyang has experienced continuous hot, sunny and hot weather. She is always concerned about the development of the drought and is actively preparing the report materials. From late September to October, when the municipal party committee and municipal government needed artificial rainfall, she instructed the forecasters to cooperate actively in the third trimester.

Yang Ling also actively participated in scientific research projects of the National Bureau, Provincial Bureau and Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, presided over the completion of a number of provincial and municipal projects, and led the writing of more than 20 articles, 3 of which won the Yiyang City Outstanding Scientific Achievement Award. She has also been awarded the National Outstanding Award in the National Weather Industry Weather Forecasting Professional Skills Competition, Hunan Meteorological Bureau Top Ten Meteorological Professionals, Advanced Individuals in Major Meteorological Services, and Advanced Individuals in Flood Control.

"The achievement is inseparable from my team. It is the 'root' that holds up this 'green leaf'. I want to fight alongside my colleagues instead of standing alone in the spotlight." Yang Ling said in her encouragement As a result, more and more young forecasters have the courage to take the initiative and actively carry out technical research.

(Source: China Meteorological News, December 31, 2019 Second edition Editor-in-chief: Zhang Lin)

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