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Leading group of China Meteorological Administration's party group adjusts and propagates science popularization center

发布时间:2019年12月31日08:48 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Release time: December 31, 2019 08:48
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China Meteorological News reporter Zhao Xiaoni Jia Jingying reported that on December 27, the China Meteorological Administration's Meteorological Propaganda and Science Popularization Center (referred to as the Science Popularization Center) and China Meteorological News Agency (referred to as the News Agency) held a cadre conference to announce the relevant decision of the party group of the China Meteorological Administration: Yu Yu Comrade Bin is the director of the Propaganda Science Popularization Center, the Deputy Secretary of the Propaganda Popularization Science Center and the News Agency Party Committee; Comrade Pan Jinjun no longer serves as the director of the Propaganda Science Popularization Center, the Deputy Secretary of the Propaganda Science Popularization Center and the Party Committee of the Newspaper, and holds another appointment. Liu Yaming, secretary of the Party Leadership Group and director of the China Meteorological Administration, and Jiao Meiyan, member of the Party Leadership Group and deputy director, attended the meeting.

Liu Yaming said that since the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, meteorological propaganda and science popularization work has been guided by Xi Jinping ’s new era of socialist ideas with Chinese characteristics, firmly centered on the overall situation and serving the overall situation, firmly grasping the correct political direction, public opinion orientation, and value orientation, and constantly improving publicity. The ability and level of science popularization has effectively promoted the implementation of the decision-making and deployment of the party spirit and the central bureau of the bureau. As an important business support department, the Propaganda Science Popularization Center shoulders the important task of guiding and advancing the science popularization work of national meteorological propaganda; as the mouthpiece of the party group and the main channel, main position and main force of meteorological propaganda, it is necessary to continuously improve political quality and ability, professional quality and Level, promote the main theme, spread the good voice of the weather. Liu Yaming, on behalf of the Party's Party Group, put forward requirements for the new leadership: First, we must thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, plan new ideas and measures for the sustainable and healthy scientific development of meteorological publicity and popularization work, and continuously improve the communication, guidance, influence, and credibility. In order to promote the high-quality development of meteorological undertakings, we must consolidate a strong spiritual force. Second, we must further improve political standing, lead the work of meteorological publicity and science with political construction, continuously improve political acuity and discrimination, and resolutely obey the service of the party and national development. The needs of the people and the overall situation of meteorological reform and development, keep up with innovation, give play to the leading role, do a good job in the construction of meteorological science popularization bases, the construction of national publicity science popularization teams, etc. Third, we must strengthen the building of cadres and the capacity of the leadership team, and improve the standardization of scientific work. Really achieve strong political abilities and strong abilities, and unite to lead cadres and employees to unite their hearts and officers to start businesses.

Yu Yubin said that he will further strengthen his ideals and convictions, strengthen the cultivation of party spirit, deeply study and implement Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era, continue to improve his political standing, actively explore and forge ahead, maintain a steady and steady work style, and work hard to open up a new era. Meteorological propaganda and science popularization.

(Responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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