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The Application and Inheritance Value of Meteorological Proverbs under "Technology Flow"

发布时间:2019年12月25日11:44 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 25, 2019 11:44
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Recently, the results of the Ningbo Literary and Art Awards (2017-2018) were announced. The folk literary work "Ningbo Meteorological Proverbs" created by Chen Kewei, a science teacher at Zishan Elementary School, Yinzhou District, stood out and won the Ningbo Literary and Art Award.

This book is a popular science popular book that collects local meteorological proverbs in Ningbo. It has collected 1,200 local meteorological proverbs in Ningbo. The working people of our country summarize and accumulate empirical sayings in predicting future weather changes in their long-term production and life. Meteorological proverbs can be spread for thousands of years, not only in their eloquent words, but also because they are fun, scientific, and instructive. They help people predict weather and climate trends, guide agricultural and animal husbandry production, and understand the laws of nature. Play an important role.

However, it must be acknowledged that with the continuous improvement of meteorological observation technology and the widespread popularity of the Internet, the younger generation seems to be less “cold” with meteorological proverbs, and the sense of alienation is greater than adhesion. Most of the time, people no longer need to “watch the cloud and test the weather”, just take out their mobile phones and move their fingers to query the current and future weather, and intelligently replace the “old craftsmanship”. Technology empowerment and convenient application make the inheritance of meteorological proverbs and modern practicality face great challenges. Some people even think that meteorological proverbs have no value. actually not.

First of all, meteorological proverbs still have important reference significance for current production and life. Looking at the weather and observing the weather and observing the weather are important methods for the working people to grasp the change of the weather for a long time. The "24 solar terms" proverb is the most direct reflection. For example, "Qingming breaks snow, Guyu breaks frost", which indicates that it will no longer snow after Qingming, and the valley will not frost after rain. At this time, it is a good time for farming to get busy. Today, meteorological proverbs still play a basic guiding role in people's production and life, and provide an important reference for the general public.

Secondly, meteorological proverbs are important science foundations and resources. In the early years, the level of meteorological modernization had not yet reached a certain level. The public's understanding of meteorology began with familiarity with meteorological proverbs. Meteorological proverbs are also important grasps and content carriers of meteorological science. Word-of-mouth meteorological proverbs, as a means of presenting and popularizing meteorological science popularization, can enrich the connotation of meteorological science popularization and expand its extension from the perspective of work. From the perspective of serving the public, it can inspire wisdom in a way that is easy to understand and interesting From the perspective of social development and modern governance, the long-term effect of the role of meteorological proverbs, to some extent, provides the "two transformations" and "three transformations" integrated disaster prevention and mitigation concepts. An implementation path.

Thirdly, as a form of traditional culture, it should be valued and inherited scientifically. It originates from the daily life of working people and serves life, but it is higher than life. As the crystallization of the wisdom of the working people, after time accumulation and hardening, injected with the interpretation and value of the times, the meteorological proverbs passed down scientifically can also activate the cultural genes of the masses, stimulate the love of excellent traditional culture, and enhance the diversity of multi-cultural Rational and emotional identity.

(Source: "China Meteorological News" December 25, 2019 3rd edition responsible editor: Yan Xin)

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