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Gui Hailin: Watching the Clouds and Understanding the Sky

发布时间:2019年12月23日08:39 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 23, 2019 08:39
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China Meteorological News reporter Zhao Ning

"The happiness of our forecasters is very simple. Every time when the forecast is successful, my heart is particularly happy." Gui Hailin, a senior engineer of the National Environmental Meteorological Center, has had a meteorological dream since he was a child. jobs. After the 2003 floods in the Huaihe River Basin, the 2008 low-temperature rain and snow in the south, and many storms, Gui Hailin gradually grew into a highly responsible meteorologist.

Gui Hailin

In 2014, due to the severe haze, Gui Hailin with relevant experience was "in danger" and switched from forecasting ground precipitation to forecasting for dust and haze. In 2014, the APEC meeting was held in Beijing. Gui Hailin and his colleagues carefully studied the weather situation and accurately predicted the changes in the atmospheric environment during the APEC meeting 15 days in advance. The sand, dust and haze innovation team he led also provided atmospheric environmental meteorological support services for major national affairs such as the “Ninth Three March” military parade in 2015, the “Belt and Road” summit forum in Beijing, and the “Shanghai Expo”. Leaders praised it.

Arid and semi-arid areas in northern China are one of the sources of sandstorms and often cause sandstorms. In order to do a better job of forecasting sand and dust, Gui Hailin always “ups the wind” and actively requested to conduct field investigations in the surrounding areas of the desert most vulnerable to sand and dust weather to obtain weather data for sand and dust storms.

Sandstorms, long-distance transportation, and dry (wet) settlement are currently difficult to predict. In response to these problems, Gui Hailin led the sand and dust team to study hard, repeatedly simulate the physical processes such as sand, dust, transportation, and sedimentation through numerical models, and performed a detailed numerical analysis of the results. Some experimental threshold indicators were used for actual forecasting. Effectively improve the accuracy of sand and dust forecast.

While doing business well, Gui Hailin has also made great achievements in scientific research. He has compiled "Climate Change in China's Desertified Areas in the Past 50 Years", which provides a scientific basis for desertification control. The "Dust and Dust Yearbook" prepared by him and his team each year has become an important reference for forecasters at all levels of meteorological stations in China to master the rules of sand and dust storms and weather forecast for sand and dust. Gui Hailin, who worked hard, was awarded the title of “National Advanced Individual in Desert Prevention and Control” jointly issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and the State Forestry Administration in 2017.

In 2012, the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) held a meeting in Indonesia and decided to set up a regional professional meteorological center for sandstorm forecasting in Asia. China has actively participated in the application of the "WMO Regional Specialized Meteorological Center for Sandstorm Forecast in Asia". Gui Hailin, as one of the backbones, has been working hard day and night to work harder and harder to apply for declarations, write application materials, and complete application materials such as application proposals, inspection and evaluation, and construction plans. From March 10th to 11th, 2015, "The fourth meeting of the Asian Regional Core Steering Committee of the WMO Sand and Dust Storm Warning and Assessment System (SDS-WAS RSG) was held in Beijing. Center Technology Evaluation Report.

In 2017, under the joint application of the National Meteorological Center and the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, China finally successfully applied for the WMO Asian Sand and Dust Regional Early Warning Center. "Settlement in China is an affirmation of China's sand and dust scientific research and business work. If our work is not recognized by the world, the World Meteorological Organization will not put this center in China. I am only a representative in the team and actually work It depends on everyone's joint efforts. "Gui Hailin said.

Gui Hailin also actively participated in business capacity building and spiritual civilization activities. The projects participated in the development in 2009 and 2015 won the "Second Prize of National Meteorological Center Meteorological Technology" and "Second Prize of National Meteorological Center Technology Application". In 2011, "Youth is a dedicated pacesetter," and won the honor of "union activist" in 2013. Gui Hailin has always been down-to-earth and shines in his post.

In the eyes of colleagues, Gui Hailin is a strict example of self-discipline, hard work and optimism. Gui Hailin believes that he still has many shortcomings. Only by relentless pursuit and redoubled efforts can he make greater contributions. He bluntly said: "I like this job very much. Although it is a bit harder, the dream in my heart has always supported myself. Not forgetting the original heart and remembering the mission, I am a party member, so I should rush forward."

(Source: China Meteorological News, December 23, 2019, fourth edition, responsible editor: Luan Fei)


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