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Yang Ling: "I am not alone in the spotlight" January 03
Be a good red boat "flag guard" Be a business "Swordman"
——Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Zhejiang Province builds the first line of defense for meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation
December 27
Meteorological Propaganda and Science Popularization Center Party Branch of China Meteorological News Agency Party Committee Website Center:
Sing the "Trilogy" of Advanced Growth
December 24
Gui Hailin: Watching the Clouds and Understanding the Sky December 23
Cai Xinyi: The beginning of the heart is like a pan and the eternal nature December 20
Beijing Huairou: Responsibility Does Not Change at the Beginning December 13
Doing practical things to solve people's worries and reflect their original intentions——Hunan Meteorological Department carried out the second batch of thematic education December 3
Hu Haiping: Eleven years in the village as firm as ever November 29
Meteorological Bureau of Tongliang District Liu Fei: Dream catcher on the road to grassroots modernization November 19
Taking Roots in Grassroots Units and Serving the Masses on the Frontline of Poverty Alleviation——Remembering Parhati Abdullah, the village secretary of Tierimu Village, Tashkurgan County November 21
Giving Play to the Leading Role of Party Construction and Promoting Open Data Sharing——Recording the Party Branch of the Data Service Room of the National Meteorological Information Center November 12
Wang Shiping: Combining Meteorological Conditions into a Struggle November 11
Wang Shizhong: I never know how to do this November 06
Helping China's poor families November 08
"Net Red" Webmaster at the Source of the Yangtze River——Remember Wang Liefu, Webmaster of Luohe Meteorological Station, Qinghai Province October 28
Luo Yongxiang: "Housework" of the First Secretary of the Village October 17
I hold a good secretary of the common people in my heart——tracing the first secretary Liu Tao, Dongsheng Village, Liangcheng County, Inner Mongolia October 15
Zhao Long: Villager's "Old Baoguan" October 11
Wuzhou: Branch Pioneer set sail in themed education November 01
Mu Dao Sang Yu is full of evening glory-the retirement of Cai Xinyi, an old party member of Wuxi Municipal Bureau September 24