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Meteorological Propaganda and Science Popularization Center Party Branch of China Meteorological News Agency Party Committee Website Center:
Sing the "Trilogy" of Advanced Growth

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China Meteorological News reporter Su Jiexi Wang Meili

"Raising the flag, gathering the hearts of the people, cultivating new people, invigorating the culture, and displaying the image" are the mission tasks entrusted by General Secretary Xi Jinping to the majority of propaganda and ideological workers.

On the front line of national meteorological propaganda and science popularization, there is such a grass-roots party organization struggling at the forefront-China Meteorological Administration Meteorological Propaganda and Science Popularization Center China Meteorological News Agency Party Committee Website Branch Party Branch (hereinafter referred to as the website center party branch).

The website center operates and maintains the party's propaganda positions such as the official website of the China Meteorological Administration and the new media platform, as well as important display windows of the meteorological industry, and plays an urgent, difficult, dangerous, and heavy task of major and emergency network propaganda and reporting.

The party branch of the website center consists of 16 party members, and it has two party groups, and the proportion of young party members reaches 87%. Being young means being passionate, energetic, aggressive, fashionable, and quick to accept new knowledge. But young people also have many shortcomings, such as weak theoretical foundations, little political experience, and lack of experience. The field of ideology is a battlefield without gunpowder smoke. How to make young party members strengthen their studies, grow up quickly, and improve their skills has become an important topic for the central party branch of the website.

Combining the characteristics of the youthfulness of the party members, the Party branch of the website center focuses on learning and growth, and takes the party's ideological work as its mission. It narrows the requirements of ideological building and theoretical strengthening of the party to the practice of propaganda work in the new era and implements them. In the new era, the party's organizational line is based on the construction of high-quality cadres and personnel training. It is guided by classic books, shared in micro-party lessons, and "ke represents" and me as the learning practice to promote the participation of each party member, especially young party members. -Share-responsibility "step-by-step growth, build a meteorological propaganda work team with strong political skills, high ability, realistic and innovative, can win the war, and truly build the party branch into a strong political function on the propaganda front, a strong branch team, and party members Strong battle fortress with strong team and strong role.

In August 2019, organize the theme party day event of "I am a flag bearer".

Growth First: Classic Books to Lead

In response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call for party members to love reading, read well, and read well, the Party Branch of the website center issued the initiative of “cultivating party spirit and improving ability” to launch a “reading classic book together” sharing activity. Taste life, cultivate mind, and guide party members to seek truth, find resonance, and improve their literacy in the classics.

The party branch of the website center has elaborately produced the book list, and advocated that each party member read the classics and read the original works. After some time, the branch members found that although party members had read books, the results were average. The party branch quickly changed its strategy and organized a "classic book reading together" sharing activity, which changed from a book for each person to a book for the same reading, in the form of "three sessions and one lesson", special reading sessions, forums, etc. To build a reading and learning exchange platform.

Focusing on theoretical books such as the "Communist Manifesto" and "Xi Jinping talks about governing the country and governing the country", each party member claimed a chapter or a paragraph, conducted in-depth study, and shared his personal learning gains. Co-read books such as "Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Educated Youth", "Xi Jinping's Thirty Lectures on Socialist Thoughts with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era," and specify party members to tell and interpret in chapters, share the general secretary's growth process from different dimensions, feel the political wisdom of the people's leaders, For the people's feelings and personality charm, guide and inspire young party members to take root at the grassroots level and serve the masses.

The means of communication are changing with each passing day, and news and public opinion work is also facing new challenges. The party branch of the website center calls on all party members to read business books such as "New Media Operations" and "Short Video Production", and to independently select and learn from personal interests and business expertise, from short video production to new media operations to data Visualization, "targeting" efforts, keeping up with media development trends, and improving professionalism and business skills.

When everyone's harvest converges into a collective resource, the radiation effect of "one person reading and many people benefit" is formed.

Nowadays, reading has become the habit of every party member in the party branch of the website center. "Reading classic books together" has helped everyone realize the "two-way improvement" of party spirit and business literacy, which has injected positive energy and new vitality into the development of meteorological publicity science.

Growth Part Two: Sharing of Micro-Party Lessons

General Secretary Luo Jinping's requirements on "politicians running the Internet and running new media", the party branch of the website center proposed that every propagandist should be a firm communicator of Marxist beliefs. This branch changed the "solo" model of the branch secretary, and everyone involved in micro-party lessons and everyone taught micro-party lessons to guide party members to be proactive, learn profoundly, and get to know.

The micro-party class is based on the principles of close to work, close to reality, and close to needs. It focuses on studying, propagating and implementing Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party.

In the autumn of 1982, a petite Chongqing female college student resolutely set foot on the road to aid Tibet with her youthful dream. Tibet is very beautiful. There are towering snow-capped mountains and clean lakes. Each snow-capped mountain is close to heaven, and each lake is as beautiful as a fairyland. Tibet is very bitter, with high cold, hypoxia, strong ultraviolet rays, and endless loneliness caused by thoughts. This assistance is 8 years. In the meantime, she submitted an application for membership. In the application for joining the party, she wrote, "I hope I can have a solemn oath against the party banner ..." This is the theme of "My Plateau Meteorology" by Yang Jinhui, an old member of the party branch "post-60s", in the micro-party class. Tell. It is the Party ’s aid policy that made her feel that the Communist Party of China is a party that seeks happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation; it is the influence of the snowy plateau and the simplicity of the Tibetan people that make her feel the responsibility and mission This made her resolutely submit an application for party membership to the party organization and grow up to be a good child of the party. When someone asked her if you regretted Tibet for 8 years, she replied: "No, that was my most precious experience. Because no matter how much difficulty I have encountered since then, I will tell myself that it is better than in Tibet Is it even harder and harder? Think of it this way, no matter how difficult it is. "

There is an "emergency little princess" in the party branch of the website center. A meteorological emergency response was initiated 21 times throughout the year, and she participated in 19 shifts and was stationed 24 hours a day. She continuously released weather updates and scientific knowledge of meteorology, but she did not complain, and laughed that she was an "emergency body." It was not until a micro-party class that everyone discovered the secrets of her optimistic and positive working attitude. "My grandfather is the Old Eighth Route Army; my uncle is the New Fourth Army. She is one of the 108 martyrs children raised by Zhou Enlai. I grew up listening to the grandfather and my uncle's story ..." She told her grandfathers deeply in the revolution Heroism, calling on everyone to be loyal to the party, to maintain the true nature of politics, to forge ahead and to fight forever.

The micro-party lesson made everyone discover that they were different around them. One by one, the little stories with temperature, affected each party member subtly. Use small stories to explain the principle, make small classrooms play a big role, see the micro-party lessons, and guide the party members from "I listen to" to "I want to talk", the learning initiative and the concept of party spirit have been significantly enhanced, and ideological understanding and business ability have been further Promotion.

Driven by the micro-party lesson, the Party Branch of the Website Center set up two theoretical study groups for young people to cover theoretical study education to groups under the age of 40 in the Website Center, and organized various forms of learning activities. With the theme of "Strengthening the Youth's Ideological and Political Construction and Telling Good Weather Stories", we will launch joint studies with young cadres directly under the bureau to help each other and grow together. The two youths read a number of important speeches including General Secretary Xi Jinping's "Relying on Learning to the Future" and recorded them as audio, which caused a strong response after the Youth League WeChat public account was released.

The third step of growth: "ke represents" me

The party branch of the website center has established a weekly "ke representative" learning system. Party class "representatives" are held by party members in turn, each person for one week; business "section representatives" are served by business backbones, each person for one week. The "class representatives" and "department representatives" have taken a two-pronged approach, moving from "leadership" to "leadership", allowing key party members to deeply participate in the business frontier construction and branch work, and build a strong political and highly capable propaganda cadre team.

The "class representative" assumes the role of "leader" in learning, and focuses on studying and understanding Xi Jinping's new era of socialist thinking with Chinese characteristics, strengthening the planning around the party's line, guidelines, and policies, and organizing online and offline "dual-track" learning. Online and weekly WeChat group learning punch cards are launched; offline, two or three party members make keynote speeches, combining theoretical learning with propaganda and business learning to plan major meteorological themes. At the same time, "class representatives" also assisted branch members in organizing theme party day activities. Some party members combined with the theme education organization "Political Birthday, Wen Chuxin Mission", and some carried out "I am a flag bearer" patriotic education activity in combination with current affairs, which significantly improved the quality of life and effectiveness of the organization. Party members' consciousness of ownership has been strengthened, their organizational coordination ability has been improved, and their energies have been strengthened.

At the same time, the party branch of the website center arranges key business members to act as "representatives" and leads the establishment of key research groups to explore the combination of meteorological information and new media dissemination, focusing on the expansion of dissemination means, product technology development, and meteorological connotation mining. , Specializing in "hard bones".

In August 2019, the night before the super typhoon "Lichma" landed, the short video team of the website center attacked overnight and "grabbed" a video clip reflecting the style of the frontline meteorological workers against typhoons, which caused a strong response. Party members of the new media team started a 72-hour uninterrupted live broadcast on Weibo, and the set Weibo topic # 台风 利奇马 来 了 # exceeded 110 million readers in a short time. Today's headline pop-up window promoted typhoon landing news, and a single article was read 9.31 million times.

Having party members as "class representatives" and "department representatives" has greatly enhanced the team's cohesion and combat effectiveness. The website center has constructed the China Meteorological Administration's new media dissemination matrix, developed and formed a series of propaganda brand products such as meteorological short videos, hand-painted, animation, H5, comics, media special topics, data journalism, etc., to make the party's voice and meteorological information spread. Faster and more accurate.

The overall cohesion, creativity, and combat effectiveness of the party branch of the website center have been improved, and the center has been awarded the "central and state organs youth civilization" in 2017-2018.

With a clear heart and mission on the shoulder, the party branch in the center of the website will always keep in mind the enthusiastic instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, strengthen the body of the branch with the growth of each party member "cell", and challenge the plump branch wings with each mission to make itself fly more Go higher, hold the flag high, and unite your heart, let the red flag fly high above the fort.

On May 4, 2016, Party members of the branch participated in the "two studies and one doing" competition of the China Meteorological Administration.

Establish a business research team to explore the combination of meteorological information and new media dissemination.


(Source: "China Meteorological News" December 24, 2019 3rd edition responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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