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Be a good red boat "flag guard" Be a business "Swordman"
——Jiaxing Municipal Bureau of Zhejiang Province builds the first line of defense for meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation

发布时间:2019年12月27日10:43 Source: China Meteorological News Release time: December 27, 2019 10:43
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Correspondent Xu Huaqing

Jiaxing, Zhejiang, where the Communist Party's dream set sail. In recent years, the Jiaxing Meteorological Bureau has thoroughly studied Xi Jinping's new era socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. With the mission of being a good "red flag bearer" for the red ship, he has made every effort to build the first line of defense for disaster prevention and reduction.

"Two Perseverance" and "Three Transformations" Practitioners

Implementing General Secretary Xi Jinping's requirements on "two adherences" and "three changes" in disaster prevention and mitigation, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau responded attentively and handed in an answer sheet.

During the rainy season this year, Jiaxing experienced five consecutive storms. The Municipal Meteorological Observatory provides encrypted monitoring, accurate forecasting, timely early warning, and careful service. Among them, the decision service information supports the scientific decision-making of the municipal party committee and city government, and has made advances; the average advance of rainstorm warning signals to the public has reached 190 minutes, and it has gained time for pre-disaster defense.

"Tianle Village is low-lying and prone to waterlogging, accurate and timely weather forecasting and early warning, and played an important role in flood prevention and rescue." Shi Jianchun, secretary of the party branch general secretary of Tianle Village in Wangjiangyu Town, Xiuzhou District, said that during the rainy season this year, he was in the natural village of Beigang. Twelve villagers in low-lying areas were transferred in a timely manner, avoiding casualties and property losses.

In recent years, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau has established a classification service and response system for major meteorological disasters. Through various response methods such as SMS and WeChat, it is available to governments and various departments, towns (streets), and villages (communities) to prevent meteorological disasters. Major meteorological disasters are called response services. This year, more than 1,300 full-time grid members have been included in the SMS response service category, and service coverage has been further expanded.

As the deputy commander of the Flood Control and Drought Relief Command of Jiaxing City, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau participates in the coordination and temporary command of the local Flood Control and Drought Relief Command, the Atmospheric Pollution Emergency Command, and the Meteorological Disaster Prevention Leading Group. Important role. At the same time, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau and 14 departments including emergency management and natural resources signed cooperation agreements to strengthen departmental emergency linkages, establish departmental liaison systems, federation consultation systems, and joint conference systems. Nine meetings have been held since this year.

In addition, a sound meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation system will be established. All towns (streets) in the city have become provincial-level meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation standard towns. Among them, 8 towns (streets) are national meteorological disaster prevention standardization towns, and 332 villages (communities) are provincial meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation standard villages.

Meteorological disaster risk business has always been a difficulty for grassroots meteorological departments. The Municipal Meteorological Bureau went up to the challenge and boldly explored, and smashed this "hard bone". In 2018, the Bureau was the first in the province to introduce the local standard “Quick Assessment Techniques for Urban Meteorological Disasters” and build a full-process risk assessment business system of “pre-event risk estimation, in-event impact assessment, and post-event comprehensive evaluation”. As of October 8 this year, a total of 5 meteorological disaster assessment reports have been issued to provide scientific decision-making basis for the municipal party committee, municipal government, and relevant departments. Among them, the "Lichma" typhoon disaster risk assessment has been affirmed by the Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee.

Explorer for Research Business

Guided by business needs and innovative development concepts, Jiaxing Meteorological Bureau has embarked on a research-based business development path of “from business to business”.

Intelligent grid forecasting is the development direction of refined forecasting. In 2018, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau was listed as a pilot unit of the smart grid business by the Zhejiang Meteorological Bureau, established a smart grid business innovation team, launched a basic grid correction business, reengineered the existing business platform and products, and integrated Artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning have promoted the upgrade of the weather forecasting business system to a seamless, full coverage, accurate, and intelligent direction, and a preliminary research-based intelligent grid business system for objective analysis, numerical model prediction, and artificial subjective correction has been initially established. .

The results of its research and application in business are increasingly prominent. In recent years, the quality of meteorological forecasts in Jiaxing has consistently ranked at the forefront of the province. In the first half of this year, the major intelligent grid-corrected forecast quality indicators such as 24-hour heavy rain, sunny rain, and temperature all ranked first in the province, providing strong support for refined weather forecasts.

The Municipal Meteorological Bureau also spread the net of "Smart Grid" to Wuzhen, the permanent venue of the World Internet Conference, and carried out refined environmental weather forecasting and early warning. Relying on the HYSPLIT forecast system for atmospheric pollution diffusion, the bureau conducts simulation assessment of emission reduction benefits, and provides key decision-making basis for the government to determine environmental protection schemes. It has been rated as the advanced collective of security services for the World Internet Conference by the municipal party committee and municipal government.

"For the enterprise emission reduction plan during the World Internet Conference, the decision-making department gave priority to the opinions of the meteorological department." Said Zhu Juzhong, secretary of the party group and director of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau.

Convergence of party building and business

There is no business out of politics, and no politics out of business. Jiaxing Meteorological Department has the responsibility to bridge the "two skins" of party building and business and promote the deep integration of the two.

"The party building service brand of 'Jiahe Xiangyun' has been rated as an excellent party building service brand twice, and I hope you can make persistent efforts!" On September 30, Gao Zhiqun, deputy secretary of the Working Committee of the Jiaxing Municipal Government, said while investigating the theme education of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau.

In 2015, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau explored the integration of party building into the meteorological business service work, promoted the construction of government culture, and strived to build a "Jiahe Xiangyun" quality service brand. During the working day, all party members uniformly wore the party emblem to accept mass supervision. Li Haijun, an outstanding Communist member of Jiaxing City and deputy director of the Meteorological Observatory, played a leading role as a model for party members during the 48-hour period during the impact of Typhoon Lichima.

Jiaxing Meteorological Party members and cadres integrate career development with personal progress, and the working philosophy of “general business, specialized scientific research” is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Party members account for more than 80% of the chief and senior engineers who specialize in forecasting and early warning, and carry out scientific research.

During the annual World Internet Conference, everyone gave up their rest time and started security and patrol work. In 2018, the Municipal Meteorological Bureau carried out social visits and public opinion visits, the "eight-eight strategy" publicity, and the emancipation of ideas in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee. All party members visited a total of 6013 households and farmers during the night, helping to organize villages and communities. Articles of the masses express strong opinions and suggestions for the reference of relevant departments. Since the beginning of this year, all party members have carried out a series of 94 "serving the masses, serving the grassroots, and serving enterprises" series of activities in accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee, and carried out the "I contribute to the business environment" campaign, and received 16 golden ideas.

"It is our duty to not forget our original intentions, keep in mind our mission, and make better use of the first line of defense for meteorological disaster prevention and reduction, and contribute meteorological power to the city's economic and social development." Zhu Juzhong said.

(Source: "China Meteorological News" December 27, 2019, responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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