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Xi'an Yiyi: Promote party building and business integration January 03
Anqiu: Build a "sound library" for the wisdom party December 27
Longnan: Branches co-constructed to teach party lessons December 27
Baoting: the work committee of the county party committee directs the party building work of the Meteorological Bureau December 25
Baoshan: Theme Education Party Classes Enter Townships and Poverty Alleviation Villages December 24
Yangzhou: "I'm the Lecturer of the Party Course" Improves Learning Results December 20
Book Hang: "641" model promotes standardization and standardization of party branches December 13
Alxa Zuoqi: Practicing the Beginning Heart and Building a "Warm Heart Road" for the People December 11
Gucheng: Party members help groups to solve problems for farmers December 09
Ma'anshan: Demonstration Site for Building "Strong Party Branch" December 09
Chongqing Shapingba: Finding gaps in five areas based on posts December 09
Hubei Provincial Public Meteorological Service Center Launches Theme Party Day December 06
Yongning: Party members take the lead in volunteering in communities December 06
Liaoning: Do a good job of "six articles" and do a good job of supervision December 5
Lu'an: Doing More Together and Promoting Grassroots Party Construction Work December 04
Gaoling: Everyone knows the weather information of the party-built mini-horn December 02
Luo Ding: Establishing the "last mile" of information dissemination December 02
Hot Springs: Organizing Integrity Alert Education Activities November 29
Qi Yang: Condolences to the Difficult Masses November 28
Nantong: Multiple measures to promote full coverage of thematic education November 27