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Longnan: Branches co-constructed to teach party lessons

发布时间:2019年12月27日10:40 Source: China Meteorological News Agency Release time: December 27, 2019 10:40
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Correspondent Wang Xian of China Meteorological News reported that just after the winter solstice, the cold winds of Fenshui Village, Baiguan Town, Lixian County, Gansu Province, covered the mountain with pure white crystal fog, adding a peacefulness to the peaceful village. On December 23, members of the Party branch of the Longnan Meteorological Bureau and the person in charge of the assistance went to the village of Help, to carry out the party's joint construction of lectures and visits to the person in charge of the assistance.

Cold weather can't stop the enthusiasm of party members and the masses. In the village party activity room, Wu Wenhui, the secretary of the party branch of the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, gave party lessons to the old party members and cadres, and passed the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th Party to the party And the masses, interpret the poverty reduction policy to every family, and increase the confidence and determination of everyone to get rid of poverty and become rich.

Subsequently, the members of the village and the responsible persons visited the households who are planning to get rid of poverty this year and those who have not been out of poverty. Every time they come to the household, they will ask the people about the warmth and coldness, comprehensively understand the difficulties and problems facing the poor, and discuss the industrial development plan together. To ensure that the poor people are lifted out of real poverty, and truly fight poverty, and resolutely win the fight against poverty.

(Responsible editor: Luan Fei)

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