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China Meteorological Administration Press Conference in January 2020
中国气象局 Source: China Meteorological Administration     
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I. Time: January 3 (Friday) 15: 00-16: 00

2. Venue: Meeting Room, 4th Floor, National Meteorological Information Center of China Meteorological Administration

Moderator: Chen Zhenlin (Director, Press Office, China Meteorological Administration)

4. Spokesperson: Zhang Zuqiang (spokesperson)

V. Attending experts

Wang Weiguo (Chief of Meteorological Service, National Meteorological Center)

Ai Wanxiu (Chief of Climate Service, National Climate Center)


(1) Summary of the characteristics of the weather and climate throughout 2019, a review of major weather and climate events at home and abroad in December, and an introduction of the weather trends in the next ten days

(2) The selection results of the top ten weather and climate events at home and abroad in 2019;

(3) Answer questions from reporters.

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