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China Meteorological Administration's 2017 Government Information Disclosure Annual Report

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This report has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations of the People's Republic of China on the Disclosure of Government Information, including summary, proactive disclosure of government information, disclosure of government information upon application, collection or reduction of free information upon application for public information, reconsideration of applications for government information disclosure, and litigation. Six aspects of the situation, the main problems of government information disclosure and improvement measures.

11日起至20171231日止。 The statistical period for the data listed in this report is from January 1 , 2017 to December 31 , 2017. )下载。 The electronic version of this report can be downloaded from the portal of the China Meteorological Administration ( ). 号;邮编: 100081 ;联系电话: 010-68407251 )。 If you have any questions about this report, please contact the Office of the China Meteorological Administration (Address: 46 Zhongguancun South Street, Haidian District, Beijing; 100081 ; Tel. 010-68407251 ).

I. Overview

年,我局按照国务院政务公开工作部署,紧紧围绕气象部门中心工作和公众关切,全面落实《关于全面推进政务公开工作的意见》及其实施细则有关要求,不断增强气象部门政务公开公开的质量和水平。 In 2017 , in accordance with the State Council ’s government affairs open work deployment, the Bureau closely focused on the work of the Meteorological Department's central work and public concerns, fully implemented the “Opinions on Comprehensively Promoting Government Affairs Open Work” and its implementation rules, and continuously enhanced the meteorological department ’s government affairs openness. Quality and level.

年政务公开工作要点》,明确了5大类18项具体任务、责任单位和完成时限,确保各项任务顺利完成。 The first is to strengthen the overall deployment of government affairs, and issued the "Key Points of China Meteorological Administration's Work on Government Affairs Openness in 2017 ", which clarified 18 specific tasks, responsible units and timelines for completion in 5 categories to ensure the successful completion of various tasks. The second is to strengthen the construction of government portals, implement the "Guidelines for the Development of Government Websites", issue the "Guidelines for the Construction and Management of Meteorological Government Websites", plan and deploy the construction and management of government websites for meteorological departments, and give full play to the role of the first platform for open government affairs. The third is to strengthen the optimization of the portal's government affairs open column, combining the actual conditions of meteorological work, further refine the "Policy Interpretation" column into four sub-columns: management policy interpretation, expert meteorological interpretation, press conference, and graphic interpretation. The fourth is to strengthen the handling of public messages. 条。 The "Notice of the Office of the China Meteorological Administration on Further Handling Public Messages" was issued, and an electronic process for collecting, accepting, subscribing, summarizing, and responding to public messages was established, and 83 public messages were handled throughout the year.

年,我局以公开规范性文件、财政资金、行政审批事项、灾害性天气预警、建议提案办理情况等信息为重点,共主动公开信息2026条。 In 2017 , our bureau focused on disclosing information such as regulatory documents, financial funds, administrative approval items, severe weather warnings, and handling of proposed proposals, and proactively disclosed a total of 2026 pieces of information.

年政府信息公开情况一览表 List of government information disclosure of China Meteorological Administration in 2017

2. Proactive disclosure of government information

The first is to continue to do a good job in document disclosure. 号)、《气象行政许可实施办法》(中国气象局令第33号)、《气象行业管理若干规定》(中国气象局令第34号) 3部部门规章以及《气象探测资料汇交管理办法》、《中国气象局法律顾问管理办法》等7件规范性文件,并向社会公开了49项气象行业标准及74件一般文件。 The revised "Regulations on the Prevention of Meteorological Disasters" were published on the portal website, and the "Decision of China Meteorological Administration on Abolishing Some Departmental Regulations" (Order of China Meteorological Administration No. 32 ), "Implementation Measures of Administrative Meteorological Administration" (China Meteorological Administration Order No. 33 ), "Several Provisions on the Management of the Meteorological Industry" (Order No. 34 of the China Meteorological Administration), three departmental regulations, and the "Measures for the Management of the Remittance of Meteorological Observation Data" and the "Administrative Measures for the Legal Adviser of the China Meteorological Administration" It also released 49 meteorological industry standards and 74 general documents to the public.

The second is to increase the publicity of the results of deputies 'suggestions and members' proposals. Persistence in replying to suggestions and conclusions and summarizing the status of affairs as important contents of open government affairs. 年,我局共接收人大建议和委员提案12, In 2017 , our bureau received a total of 12 proposals from the National People's Congress and members . 件建议提案办理复函在门户网站全文公开,公开率达到83.3%Among them, 10 suggestions for proposals and proposals were published on the portal website in full text, with an open rate of 83.3% . In addition, the Office also publicized the work summary of the suggestions made by the delegates and members, and accepted public supervision.

The third is to actively promote openness in key areas. 政务服务”工作,加快推进覆盖气象部门国省地县四级、涵盖部门全部审批事项的气象行政审批网上平台建设,编制并发布了服务指南,按季度公开了行政审批事项的办结情况,我局门户网站在2017年中国政府网站绩效评估中获得“在线服务领先奖”。 Further promote the work of "Internet + government services", accelerate the construction of an online platform for administrative approval of meteorology covering the four levels of provinces, provinces, and counties of the meteorological department, and cover all the approval matters of the department, compile and publish service guides, and publicize the administrative approval matters quarterly. To resolve the situation, our portal website won the "Online Service Leadership Award" in the 2017 Chinese government website performance evaluation. 年部门预算和气象部门2016年度部门决算,进一步细化了公开内容,并按照要求公开了我局2016年预算执行审计整改情况。 Effectively do a good job of financial fund information disclosure, timely disclosed the 2017 Meteorological Administration's departmental budget and the Meteorological Department's 2016 departmental accounts, further detailed the disclosure, and disclosed the rectification of the 2016 budget execution audit of our bureau in accordance with requirements. 项。 We strengthened the disclosure of government procurement information. During the year, 210 government procurement project information such as the announcement of bidding (negotiation) and the results of winning bids (transactions) were published. 条,及时公开气象部门公务员招录和直属单位人事招聘信息。 Do well in the disclosure of personnel information, disclose 84 personnel appointment and removal information throughout the year, and promptly disclose the recruitment of civil servants of the meteorological department and personnel recruitment information of direct units. 条,国家突发事件预警信息发布情况月报12期,及时公开突发事件应对情况。 Strengthen the release of emergency information, issue 1146 national early-warning information, issue the national monthly report on the early-warning information for 12 issues, and disclose the emergency response situation in a timely manner.

The fourth is to further promote the open sharing of meteorological data. )向全社会开放共享地面、高空、气象卫星、天气雷达、数值天气预报517种基本气象资料和产品。 Through China Meteorological Data Network ( ), 17 basic meteorological data and products in five categories, including ground, high-altitude, meteorological satellites, weather radar, and numerical weather forecast, are openly shared to the whole society . 万,访问量超过1.7亿人次,服务数据量达36TB ,支撑科研机构及高校各类项目2644项,用户应用气象数据发表论文1200余篇。 Up to now, China Meteorological Data Network has accumulated more than 200,000 users, more than 170 million visits, and 36 TB of service data. It supports 2,644 scientific research institutions and universities' various projects, and users have published more than 1,200 papers on meteorological data.

The fifth is to strengthen policy interpretation. Leading comrades of our bureau actively publicized and interpreted the meteorological work to the society by publishing signed articles and interviews in the People's Daily and other media. )》等专业性较强的气象工作的解读力度。 At the same time, our bureau strengthened the policy documents and management measures such as the "Opinions of the China Meteorological Administration on Strengthening the Meteorological Support Service for the Construction of Ecological Civilization", "Several Opinions on Enhancing the Vitality of Science and Technology Innovation in Meteorological Talents", "Meteorological Survey Data Remittance Management Measures" Interpretation, and pay attention to the role of meteorological experts, and increase the interpretation of more professional meteorological work such as the "China Meteorological Development Index Report ( 2017 )".

Sixth, strengthen the training of open government affairs. 期全国气象部门综合管理培训班,将政务公开工作作为重点培训内容,对各省(区、市)气象局政务公开具体工作人员开展集中培训。 The 6th comprehensive management training course for national meteorological departments was held, focusing on government affairs disclosure as a key training content, and conducting specific training for specific staff of provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) in the administration of government affairs. Strengthen the exchange of internal government affairs in the meteorological department, and conduct on-the-spot guidance and training in the administrative affairs of the meteorological department in Anhui, Inner Mongolia and other places to improve the capacity and level of grassroots meteorological department's open government affairs.

3. Disclosure of government information upon application

年,我局共收到政府信息公开申请8件(其中,信函申请7件,电子邮件申请1件),申请内容涉及本年度和下年度法律服务购买信息、中国气候公报、中国气象局开放数据管理办法等方面。 In 2017 , our bureau received a total of 8 applications for government information disclosure (including 7 applications for correspondence and 1 application for e-mail), and the application content related to the purchase of legal services this year and next, the China Climate Bulletin, and the China Meteorological Administration's open data. Management measures, etc. 其中申请信息已公开的5件,同意全部公开的2件,同意部分公开的1件。 All the bureaus settled on time and responded to the applicants in the form of the China Meteorological Administration's government information disclosure notice . Among them, 5 applications have been disclosed, 2 have been approved for public disclosure, and 1 has been approved for partial disclosure.

4. Collection or reduction of free fees in accordance with the application for public information

年,中国气象局无因依申请公开信息而收取或减免费用的情况。 In 2017 , the China Meteorological Administration did not receive or reduce free fees due to applications for public information.

V. Application for administrative reconsideration and administrative lawsuit due to government information disclosure

年,我局收到1件因政府信息公开申请引发的行政复议。 In 2017 , the Office received an administrative review due to an application for government information disclosure. 个工作日对申请信息进行答复,且未告知申请人延长答复期限。 The main reason is that the Yunnan Meteorological Bureau violated the relevant provisions of the "Regulations on the Disclosure of Government Information", failed to respond to the application information within 15 working days according to law, and did not inform the applicant to extend the reply period. 违法。 Our Bureau has issued the Administrative Reconsideration Decision of China Meteorological Administration to the applicant, confirming that it is illegal for the Yunnan Meteorological Bureau to respond to the applicant's application for disclosure of government information beyond the legal time limit .329日向申请人寄送了《云南省气象局政府信息公开告知书》,并对有关申请内容进行了答复。 The Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Bureau has sent the "Notice of Disclosure of Government Information of the Yunnan Provincial Meteorological Bureau" to the applicant on March 29 , 2017 , and responded to the relevant application content.

6. Main problems and improvement measures in government information disclosure

There are still some problems with the government's open government affairs work, which are mainly manifested in the following aspects: First, the portal's government affairs openness column needs to be further optimized in accordance with relevant national requirements and specific work practices. In particular, the provincial meteorological department's website government affairs openness column needs to be adjusted. Second, the response speed of public message processing needs to be further improved. Third, the work of public meteorological departments at the grassroots level needs to be further strengthened.

年,我局将继续坚持把政务公开工作融入气象部门中心工作,加大主动公开力度,细化公开内容。 In 2018 , the Bureau will continue to integrate the open work of government affairs into the work of meteorological department centers, increase the initiative to open up, and refine the public content. First, in combination with the informatization construction of the government affairs management of our bureau, the requirements of decision-making, implementation, management, service, and results of the "five openness" have been fully implemented into the official document and conference process. The second is to strengthen the disclosure of policy documents, to regularly review the disclosure attributes of policy documents, and to start the process of confirming the disclosure of corresponding policy documents to ensure that the policy documents are disclosed in a timely and effective manner. 的《气象政府网站建设与管理指南》 要求 ,推进气象部门政府网站集约化建设,着力打造“统一部署、统一标准、统一平台、统一安全、统一运维,统一监管”的气象政府网站群。 Third, in accordance with the requirements of the "Meteorological Government Website Construction and Management Guide" issued by our bureau , the intensive construction of the government website of the meteorological department was promoted, and efforts were made to create a "unified deployment, unified standard, unified platform, unified security, unified operation and maintenance, and unified supervision" Meteorological government website group. At the same time, the basic catalogue of the government website's government affairs open column of the meteorological department was introduced to guide provincial meteorological departments to optimize the government website's government affairs open column optimization setting. The fourth is to strengthen the open handling of applications in accordance with the application. 开较为集中的信息及时进行主动公开。 Strengthen the guidance and supervision of grass-roots meteorological departments in handling applications in accordance with the application, continue to promote the work of the meteorological departments in publicly responding to the standardized texts of applications, and proactively and promptly disclose information that is more concentrated in accordance with the applications . Fifth, continue to do a good job of policy interpretation, and increase the interpretation of policy measures with high social attention and professionalism in the meteorological field. Do a good job in handling public messages, answer social concerns in a timely manner, and improve the efficiency of government-civilian interaction.

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